A Family Company spanning over 50 years in the manufacture of umbrellas.

Parimex S.A., designs, produces and markets a complete line of umbrellas under its prestigious brand names VOGUE and Edward & Edward. It is well-established in Spain as well as in other European and American markets.

We offer a product of the highest quality and advanced design, and are constantly renovating in accordance with the latest fashion tendencies and incorporating latest-generation materials in the world of umbrellas, such as aluminum, fiberglass, Teflon finish, Windproof systems to resist strong winds, E.V.A., and solid rivets of great mechanical resistance. All of these factors are some of the main characteristics that have helped Parimex S.A. to attain a strong position in the national market with over 1,500 clients and a continuing and solid growth in the international market with more than 15 distributors in several other countries.

Parimex S.A. creates an annual collection of VOGUE and Edward & Edward umbrellas of a high aesthetic standard and function that allows progressive international growth by means of the designation of a distributor per country. Its two warehouses located in the province of Barcelona, where the company houses ample stock, permit flexible and speedy service for immediate delivery of orders to anywhere in the world.

||Reflections on the world of the umbrellas|| Interview made to our manager