PARIMEX, creating and designing VOGUE umbrellas since 1968, is now presenting an attractive line of waterproof PARIMEX URBAN backpacks.

True to our philosophy, based on water and rain, these backpacks combine those principles with functionality, design, protection, and comfort.


Our Connect backpacks are functional, designed to adapt to the daily activities of busy people, so they are smart. Because Connect has integrated USB connections to recharge the batteries. All backpacks have a number of pockets and compartments, to safely and comfortably hold and carry devices like tablets, notebooks, mobile phones…


Our Business collection is made with quality materials and accessories. Design is sober, elegant, extremely comfortable. These backpacks are very resistant, with great capacity so that you can take with you everything you need during your business day. They will also hold your study tools and items, or whatever else you may need on a busy day.


Our Chic collection features two great workbags, and the minimalist style of their timeless design will easily adapt to the hectic days of busy women. A stylish, briefcase-style bag and a practical messenger bag, designed for them, with a large front pocket and many compartments inside.


Practical, simple, polyvalent, our Tour line comprises a messenger briefcase and a backpack. An attractive collection, with many practical compartments for your devices – notebook, tablet, mobile phone – and ID or other papers you may need.