PARIMEX manufactures and distributes umbrellas in international markets, and has been in business for these past 50 years. PARIMEX owns the renowned VOGUE brand of umbrellas and PARIMEX URBAN of backpacks known for their quality, design and innovation, our keys to success, that have taken the name to the top rung in its sector. Since its creation in 1969, the company has worked non-stop to expand its business, reaching over 30 international markets today.

PARIMEX also designs and manufactures umbrellas for third-party companies, and this business line corresponds to its Corporate Division. Whether one-time and special, or regular and repeat orders, companies and organizations rely on the quality, guarantees and service offered by PARIMEX, the leading expert in umbrellas for the past 50 years.

Among services offered to corporate clients, PARIMEX guarantees success in:

  1. The creation and production of collections carrying the client’s brand.
  2. The creation and production of specific styles, carrying the brand, logotype or image required by clients for PPRR and Merchandising purposes.
  3. Customization of selected products in the VOGUE and PARIMEX URBAN collection, with the brand, logotype or image required by clients.
  4. The creation of a collection, or selection of products/styles from the VOGUE and PARIMEX URBAN collection, carrying both the VOGUE or PARIMEX URBAN and client’s brand for business and/or corporate image purposes.

…and any other suggestion or idea based on umbrellas. We know PARIMEX is the best and most suitable solution.

Without a doubt, the name PARIMEX has been the key to quality and reliability for client companies who have chosen us: BURBERRY, NOVARTIS, DIOR, CAMINATTA, GLORIA ORTIZ, EL CORTE INGLÉS, among others, choose PARIMEX-VOGUE umbrellas.

Our qualified team in the Corporate Division is always ready and looking forward to hearing from you. Contact us by phone: 93 284 16 04, or e-mail:,

We will be happy to help you find the best idea for your company. Thank you for relying on PARIMEX.