In compliance with Article 10 of Law 34/2002 ruling E-Coommerce and Information to Society Services, please find below our information:

Name of company: PARIMEX, S.A.
Brand or Business name: VogueBusiness address: C/ MIQUEL I BADIA, 2 – 08024 – BARCELONA – BARCELONA
CIF / NIF: A08232175
Phone: 932841604
Fax: 932138614
Registry: BARCELONA, T-39723, F-201, S-8, H B 85677 I/18


The owner of the website, and service provider, informs users by means of the present file, in order to comply with duties stated in Law 34/2002, ruling E-Commerce and Information to Society Services (LSSI-CE), and all users of the website, about terms and conditions of use.

Visitors to the website are understood as users, and are committed to observe and comply with rules herein stated and all other applicable legal requirements.

The owner of the website is entitled to make changes to the information available on the website without prior notice to users, and the fact of publishing new information will be understood as notice in itself.


The owner of this website shall not be held accountable for information published or found in the website if such information was uploaded or tampered with by non-authorized third parties.

The owner’s website may use cookies (small information files sent by the server to the user’s computer or device) in order to ensure proper operation and use of the website. Cookies used in the web site are temporary, and ther only purpose is to make operation more efficient. They disappear once the user logs out, and will not be used to collect personal data.

The owner’s website may redirect to contents in third-party websites. As the owner cannot always control content uploaded by third parties to their websites, the owner of this website shall not be held accountable for said content. The owner of the website will immediately eliminate contents that may be regarded as illegal – violating national or international laws -, immoral or against public order, and will immediately inform authorities about any such breach.

The owner of this website shall not be held accountable for the information or contents published by third parties, including but not limited to: chats, blogs, comments, social networks or any other media. However, and in compliance with art. 11 and art. 16 of the LSSI-CE, the owner will always be willing to actively collaborate with users, authorities and law-enforcement officials in order to eliminate or block any contents negatively affecting or violating national or international laws, third-party rights, public order or moral principles. If the user finds the website contents are illegal or contrary to the above said laws and regulations, user should immediately let the webmaster know .

This website has been revised and tested for correct operation, guaranteed to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. However, the owner cannot rule out the possibility of programming errors, natural disasters, strikes or any other similar situation that make it impossible for users to access the website.

Intellectual and industrial property

The website includes, with no limitation, all editing, programming, design, logotypes, text and/or images, belonging to the owner of the website, or used under license or by permission of the corresponding authors. All website contents are duly protected by intellectual and industrial property regulations, and also duly registered with the corresponding property registries.

Regardless of the purpose intended, the total or partial reproduction, use, exploitation, distribution and marketing, requires in all cases prior written authorization on the part of the owner. Any use not previously authorized will be considered a serious breach of the intellectual or industrial property rights of the author.

All other designs, logos, text and/or images that may appear on the website belong to their respective owners, and they are held responsible for any controversy that may involve said third-party designs, logos, text and/or images. The owner of this website has been duly authorized to use them.

The owner DOES NOT AUTHORIZE third parties to re-direct directly to specific contents of the website. In every case, they must redirect to the owner’s website homepage.

The owner recognizes industrial and intellectual property rights to the corresponding owners of third-party property, and their mention or visualization in the website does not imply any responsibility, sponsorship, support or recommendation.

If users wish to make comments or report any possible breach of intellectual or industrial property rights or in relation to website contents, they must do so by sending an e-mail to: INFO@PARIMEX.NET

Veracity of information

All information given by the user must be true. To such end, the user guarantees that data entered in forms for Service subscription is genuine and true. The user is responsible for updating information supplied to website owner PARIMEX, S. A. as corresponds in each case. The user is held liable for any untrue or false information supplied, and of any negative effect such false information might cause, to owner or third parties.


In order to use the services minors always need previous consent of parents or legal representatives, who will be ultimately responsible for all actions on the part of minors represented. Parents or legal tutors are responsible for selecting contents minors access, and if minors access inappropriate contents on the Internet, they must set in place the necessary filters and blocking systems to limit contents available. These filters and blocking systems may not be infallible, but are especially useful to control and restrict materials minors should not be able to access.

Proper use of the website

The user is committed to making good use of the website, in accordance to laws and the present legal notice, in addition to moral standards and good practices. The user will not use the website for any illicit or forbidden purposes that might affect third-party rights or interests, or cause damage, overload, or an problems to the normal use of IT equipment or files, and to the files or contents stored in website owner’s equipment.

The proper use also includes, without limitations, the commitment to avoid the communication or distribution of information, data, content, messages, images, sound or image files, photographs, recordings, software and other materials to third parties, which might:

a) negatively affect, damage or cause harm to fundamental rights and public freedom recognized in Constitutions, international agreements, and other regulations in force;
b) promote or favour any actions against the law, against human dignity, promoting vio lence or in general opposed to the law, moral standards and public order;
c) promote or favour any actions, thoughts or ideas discriminating others for their gender, race, religion, beliefs, age or situation;
d) be opposed to personal rights to honor, intimacy or family privacy, or personal image;
e) be in any way harmful to the credibility or website owner or third parties; and
f) be illicit, disloyal or untruthful advertising.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

All controversies or legal questions regarding this website or related activities will be governed by the laws of Spain and parties involved agree to submit any conflicts thereof derived before the Courts of Law of Barcelona.